Pure and wholesome Taste?
Yes please!

Really good bread does not need any yeast.

Out with the yeast: Because yeast can put a strain on our bodies, and its protein can trigger allergies. Yeast-free is simply easier to digest. So we’re free!

Really good bread does not need any gluten.

Good as it is, without gluten: Because gluten, the binder protein of many grains, can trigger allergies and intolerances, it’s better to give it up completely. And this is what we did.

Really good bread needs germinated seeds.

“Awoken” bread is better. Grain actually sleeps, and germination brings it to life. This has been known for centuries. Our bread with germinated seeds has a healthy extra in minerals, vitamins, protein and precious fatty acids. This is what makes us feel so energetic.

Really good bread is naturally vegan.

“Really good” does not mean “animal goodness”! With us, you can be sure that we produce, process and supply without using or adding animal products. Our vegan bread – natural for the benefit of all.

Really good bread must be quick and easy to make.

So that baking can be a piece of cake: Our bread mixes contain everything you need to make wholesome bread. Ready in an instant, tasty from the first bite.

All the riches of nature for a really good bread!