About us

Vegan & organic – Delicious quality from Biovegan!

Pleasure is the absolute priority at Biovegan. ALL Biovegan products must always completely convince in taste. The taste, and only the taste, is the most important thing. BUT it also has to be genuinely ORGANIC, no if’s or but’s! No flavourings, no flavour enhancers! No tricks AND naturally vegan! Oh yes! And of course, we avoid allergens to the greatest extent possible! It isn’t always easy to follow this philosophy, but you can see and taste the difference!

If you like doing something, you do it well!

The Biovegan family is only this strong thanks to all our friends and family members. We couldn’t be this successful without Sabine, who ensures that only good things are part of our packaging, without Stephan, who keeps our production machines running day and night together with his team of engineers, without Johanna, who works tirelessly on new products in the development kitchen, and without our Käthe! To you all, and of course to everyone else! THANK YOU!